Crestron Fliptops

Crestron Fliptops

Model no  :  FT2-1400-MECH-AL

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FlipTop™ FT2 Series, 1400 Size, Mechanical, Alloy

A simply elegant modular tabletop connectivity solution designed for installation in the center of a conference table. Provides two separate connector bays facing opposite sides of the table. Features a stunning industrial design with luxuriously finished metal surfaces and one-touch, fully-retracting lids. Highly configurable using drop-in modules. All connections reside at the top surface for easy accessibility and intuitive usability.

Provides eighteen module slots arranged in two rows of nine. Accepts a choice of pass-through cables, gravity cable retractors, keystone connector plates, and international AC power outlets.

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Crestron Fliptops FT2-1400-MECH-AL

Crestron® FT2 Series FlipTops™ revolutionize the media presentation experience by making it easier than ever to get connected at a conference table. The FT2-1400-MECH models feature a stunning industrial design with dual one-touch lids that retract fully and disappear with the tap of a button. When opened, an assortment of modular cables, connectors, and power outlets is revealed to facilitate the connection of laptop computers, mobile devices, and other AV sources.

The FT2-1400-MECH series is designed for installation in the center of a conference table, and provides two separate connector bays facing opposite sides of the table. All connections reside at the top surface, clearly visible and readily accessible for intuitive usability. A selection of modular components enables custom configuration and quick installation. Precision fit and finish affords superb functionality and a clean, sophisticated appearance with machined metal surfaces luxuriously finished in a choice of black or alloy.

Simple, Flexible Modular Design
The FT2-1400-MECH delivers a highly-customizable connectivity solution with a vast selection of pull-out cables, flush-mount connectors, and AC power outlets arranged in orderly ranks for easy selection and access. It is configurable using up to eighteen FT2A series modules, organized in two rows facing opposite sides of the table, with nine module slots per row. Every module is designed to exacting specifications to achieve a refined dashboard-forward look and feel. The final installation provides smooth, contiguous surfaces with no visible gaps or screws. Modules drop in easily from above the table, and can be replaced and rearranged freely at any time.

Module options include:

  • Cable Pass-Through Plates: Offers grab-and-go simplicity to get you connected quickly. Every cable sits at the ready with its connector neatly nested and clearly visible right at the top surface. Simply choose a cable, pull it out to any desired length, and connect your device. When nested, the cable loop simply drops below the table.

    Cable pass-through plates are ideally designed for use with Crestron FT2A-CBL-PTseries pass-through cables (sold separately), which feature a highly-flexible, low-friction flat cable construction with robust, sculpted connectors for easy handling and uniform alignment within the FlipTop™. Other cables can be accommodated by choosing one of three height adjustments on each pass-through plate.

    The FT2-1400-MECH ships with twelve cable pass-through plate modules included. Additional modules are available in quantities of ten by ordering model FT2A-PLT-PT-10.
  • Gravity Cable Retractors: Retractable cables offer a similar solution to pass-through plates, but with a more refined feel as the cable is pulled out and then returned after use. They also provide an elegant solution for containing the cable loops beneath the table. Gravity cable retractors afford smooth pull-out and retraction using a precision gravity-assisted track and pulley mechanism housed within a narrow, vertical enclosure that extends beneath the FlipTop chassis.
  • The FT2-1400-MECH can accommodate up to eight gravity cable retractors (FT2A-CBLR-GR series, sold separately). Each retractor occupies two module slots within the FlipTop. Retractors normally install at the left and right ends of a module row, but can also be installed in the middle of a row by adding an FT2A-CBLR-BRKT-1400 mid-row adapter bracket (one per row, each sold separately).[1,2]
  • Keystone Plates: Keystone plate modules allow the installation of any flush-mountable keystone compliant connector, such as the Crestron DigitalMedia™ Ultra Keystone RJ45 Jack (model DM-CONN-ULTRA-RECP-20, sold separately). Keystone jacks and connectors are available in a range of connection types from a variety of third-party manufacturers. Keystone plate modules each occupy a single module slot and are available in quantities of ten by ordering model FT2A-PLT-KEY-10.[3]
  • AC Power Outlet Modules: AC power outlets are offered in a range of socket types for use in different countries. Outlet modules may be installed in any position within the FlipTop.

    NEMA type outlets are available for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, with one, two, or three outlets per module, which occupy two, three, or four module slots respectively. International outlets are available in a range of types, with one or two outlets per module, occupying two or four module slots respectively.

    Some power outlet modules provide two additional outlets beneath the table, and include a single 8 foot (2.44 meter) long cable with grounded plug for connection to an AC power source. Other modules are offered with just a single IEC power inlet.
  • Blank Plates: Any unused module slot can be filled with a blank plate module. Six blank plate modules are included, and additional modules are available in quantities of ten by ordering model FT2A-PLT-BLANK-10.

Note: To attain support for one-touch cable retractors, active connector plates, USB charging, and backlit symbol icons, please refer to the FT2-1400-ELEC series “Electrical” FlipTops.

Quick and Simple Tabletop Installation
Thoughtful installation features and accessories save time and effort during installation with minimal time spent beneath the table. Mounting the FlipTop is as simple as cutting the hole, placing the unit in the hole, and turning four screws to engage the swiveling dogs that secure the FlipTop in place. Then install the drop-in modules and add any under-table accessories. To complete the installation, the top cover bezel snaps into place magnetically.

The FT2-1400-MECH offers a perfect upgrade to similar third-party products. It easily replaces an Extron® Cable Cubby® 1400 or 1402 device without any additional cutting required. A mounting surface up to 1-3/4 inches (44 mm) thick is allowed.

A utility shelf accessory (FT2A-UTK-SHELF, sold separately) is available to ease the installation of a Crestron DM® transmitter or other interface device beneath the table. The shelf simply snaps onto any side of the FlipTop chassis below the table. Two shelves may be installed on opposing sides of the chassis.


Key Features
  • Simply elegant modular tabletop connectivity
  • Stunning “dashboard-forward” industrial design
  • Luxurious machined metal surfaces available in black or alloy
  • One-touch lids retract and disappear at the tap of a button
  • All connections clearly visible, organized, and accessible at the surface
  • Highly configurable using precision fitted drop-in modules
  • Choice of pass-through cables, gravity cable retractors, keystone connector plates, and international AC power outlets
  • Provides eighteen module slots arranged in two rows of nine
  • Designed for center of table with each row facing opposite sides
  • Ships with twelve cable pass-through plate modules and six blank plate modules (additional modules available, cables sold separately)
  • Cable connectors nest neatly at the ready in orderly ranks and pull out easily for use
  • Crestron® FT2A-CBL-PT series pass-through cables (sold separately) offer easy handling and optimized fit
  • Adjustable plates accommodate a variety of cables with varying connector shapes and sizes
  • Accepts up to eight gravity cable retractors for a refined feel [1,2]
  • Optional keystone plate modules accommodate any flush-mount keystone type jack or connector [3]
  • AC power outlet modules are available in a range of international socket types and sizes
  • Optional snap-on utility shelves accommodate DM® transmitters and other devices below the table
  • Thoughtful installation features save time and effort
  • Swiveling dog mounting system accommodates surfaces up to 1-3/4 inch (44 mm) thick
  • Fits a 6-3/4 x 10 inch (171 x 254 mm) rectangular cutout (template provided)
  • Easily replaces Extron® Cable Cubby® 1400 and 1402 devices

Crestron Fliptops FT2-1400-MECH-AL


Modules Slots 18 (2 rows of 9, each row oriented toward opposing sides)
Blank Plates Any unused module slot can be filled with one FT2A-PLT-BLANK series blank plate module (6 are included)
Cable Pass-Through Plates Accommodates up to 18 FT2A-PLT-PT series cable pass-through plate modules (12 are included); each module accommodates one FT2A-CBL-PT series pass-through cable (sold separately) or other interface cable
Cable Retractors Accommodates up to 8 FT2A-CBLR-GR series gravity cable retractors; each retractor occupies 2 module slots; mid-row positions require additional brackets 1,2
Keystone Plates Accommodates up to 18 FT2A-PLT-KEY series keystone plate modules 3
AC Power Outlet Modules Accepts a variety of FT2A-PWR series AC power outlet modules; refer to the spec sheet for each FT2A-PWR model for module slot requirements
Utility Shelves
Accommodates up to 2 FT2A-UTK-SHELF under-table utility shelves attached to the left and/or right side, or to the front and/or rear side, beneath the table (shelves and cable retractors cannot be installed together on the same side)
Connectors (on chassis)
Ground (1) 6-32 screw;
Chassis ground lug
Lid Open (2) Mechanical pushbuttons;
Each button disengages the corresponding closed lid to actuate retraction
Operating Power None required
Utility Power Dependent upon the AC power outlet module(s) installed; refer to the appropriate FT2A-PWR series spec sheet for more information
Temperature 32° to 112° F (0° to 45° C)
Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Chassis Metal, black finish
Cover Metal, black or alloy finish, two mechanically retracting lids, magnetically-attached bezel
Mounting Flush tabletop mount, fastened by four swiveling dogs, 1-3/4 in (44 mm) maximum surface thickness, 6-3/4 in (171 mm) deep x 10 in (254 mm) wide cutout (template provided)
Height 7.18 in (183 mm) with lid closed;
7.50 in (191 mm) with lid opened
Width 10.79 in (275 mm)
Depth 8.15 in (208 mm)
Dimensions shown do not include accessories; refer to each product’s spec sheet for additional dimensions and clearance
8 lb (3.6 kg) without accessories


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