Tannoy Wall Hanging Speaker

Tannoy Wall Hanging Speaker

Model no  :  VX 15

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System Type - Full range -vented, Driver Complement - 380mm (15.00") constent directivity PowerDual, Crossover - Passive 1.4kHZ, Power Handling - Passive Full Range, Average 400W, Programme 800W, Peak 1600W, Finish Textured Black, Dimension (HxWxD) 590mm x 450mm x 420mm, Weight 32 KG,.

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System Type Full Range - Vented
Frequency Response (-3dB) (1) 70Hz - 25kHz
Frequency Range (-10dB) (1) 58Hz - 30kHz
System Sensitivity (1W @1m) (2)  
Passive - Full Range 100dB (1W = 2.83V for 8 Ohms)
Biamp (LF) 100dB
Biamp (HF) 107dB
Dispersion (-6dB) 75 degrees conical
Driver Complement 380mm (15.00”) constant directivity PowerDual™
Crossover Passive 1.4kHz
  Product can be reconfigured for bi-amped operation.
Bi-amp system parameters in user manual
Directivity Factor (Q) 7.6 averaged 1kHz to 10kHz
Directivity Index (DI) 8.7 averaged 1kHz to 10kHz
Rated Maximum SPL (2) Passive - Full Range
Average: 126dB
Peak: 132dB
Biamp (LF)
Average: 126dB
Peak: 132dB
Biamp (HF)
Average: 125.5dB
Peak: 131.5dB
Power Handling Passive - Full Range
Average: 400W
Programme: 800W
Peak: 1600W
Biamp (LF)
Average: 400W
Programme: 800W
Peak: 1600W
Biamp (HF)
Average: 70W
Programme: 140W
Peak: 280W
Recommended Amplifier Power
Passive - Full Range 800W @ 8 Ohms
Biamp (LF) 800W @ 8 Ohms
Biamp (HF) 140W @ 8 Ohms
Nominal Impedance
Passive - Full Range 8 Ohms
Biamp (LF) 8 Ohms
Biamp (HF) 8 Ohms
Distortion 10% Full Power (17.9V)
2nd Harmonic

250Hz: 1.0%
1kHz: 1.4%
10kHz: 3.9%
3rd Harmonic
250Hz: 0.56%
1kHz: 1.0%
10kHz: 1.8%

1% Full Power (5.6V)
2nd Harmonic

250Hz: 0.31%
1kHz: 0.45%
10kHz: 3.16%
3rd Harmonic
250Hz: 0.45%
1kHz: 0.79%
10kHz: 0.32%
Enclosure 63.5 litre vented and internally braced 15mm (0.62”) birch plywood enclosure with 15mm (0.62”) MDF front baffle.
Finish Textured black or white paint with custom colours on request.
Foam covered, powder coated perforated steel grille
Connectors 2 x Speakon NL4MP in/out
Fittings Recessed rear mounted carrying handle
Blanking plate allows installation of a 35mm pole-mounting socket
8 x M10 bracket inserts allowing for landscape or portrait mounting
8 x M10 flying insert
Dimensions (HxWxD) 590mm x 450mm x 420mm
(23.23” x 17.72” x 16.53”)
Weight 32kg
1. Average over stated bandwidth. Measured at 1 metre on axis.
2. Unweighted pink noise input, measured at 1 metre in an anechoic chamber

A full range of detailed performance data, technical specifications, NWAA Labs independently verified performance files and EASE / CLF files can be accessed using the Downloads tab on the navigation menu above.

The introduction of new materials or manufacturing methods will always equal or exceed the published specifications, which Tannoy reserves the right to alter without prior notification


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