GSQ Video Wall Controller

GSQ Video Wall Controller

Model no  :  TMC6004E4

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Supporting 4 DVI Outputs, 4 DVI Inputs,Support 1920*1080 Resolution, Uses friendly and after-sales veryfast

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TMC6004E4 controller can be used to splice applicative images from different LANs, multi-channel real-time video and RGB signals. Projection unit can display multi-screen image directly, without the need for A/D or D/A signal processing, which helps to ensure the high quality of the screen by reducing the signal delay and jitter.



  1. Adopt module design, Change different functional modules to reduce customer budget.
  2. Adopt Professional industrial computer based on Based on 64-bit PCI-X interfaces to improve system reliability.
  3. Real-time RGB and video inputs´╝îsupport maximum 128 channels of video and 16 channels of RGB, open and roam windows randomly.
  4. Adopt two independent, full-duplex and high-speed data channel.
  5. FPGA of Pure hardware can reach some processes such as Zoom image, etc.
  6. Adopt advanced technology of image acquisition and zooming algorithm.





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